Until 20 

(84m, U S A) dir. by Geraldine Moriba, Jamila Paksima

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At the age of 13, James Ragan is blindsided by a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer. He is told he wouldn’t live to see adulthood, but that doesn’t diminish James’s relentlessly optimistic spirit. He challenges the medical odds pursuing an ambitious life as an NCAA Division One golfer and as a passionate advocate for childhood cancer research. He carves his own legacy and launches the Triumph Over Kid Cancer foundation with Mecklin Ragan, his sister. Along the way, he falls in love and learns about the power of family.  

Then, as James approaches his 20th birthday, his condition worsens. He is presented with a difficult choice – to prolong his life using experimental treatment with severe side effects, or quit therapy for a shorter, but better quality life. James’s family struggles to balance their support for him with their own grief. This film is about the depth of love, not the length of it. 

Until 20’s production team is given extraordinary access. The filmmakers follow James to emergency rooms, confidential doctor visits, chemotherapy sessions, and even a first date. They witness James’s mother clinging to every moment with her son, while trying to hold her family together. And they see his father desperately trying to find treatments to help his son, while teaching him what it means to be a man. 

Everyone James encounters is touched by the power of hope, family, and laughter. James says, “It's all about perspective. I'm constantly told that's what I provide people when they hear my story. I'm told that I give them new perspective on their life.” 

Until 20 is produced and directed by award-winning filmmakers Geraldine Moriba and Jamila Paksima. 

Screens 10:30 pm - Saturday, September 17, 2016

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September 15 - 17, 2016 at the Mammal Gallery

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