Director Emily Walowski - 7 min. USA

A family of three explain why they choose to live on an off the grid farm despite facing endless challenges of homesteading.

We All Have Wings
Director The Unknown - 5 min. Canada

The Aviation industry's an old white male dominated business. Only 3% of the CEO's chairs are -or were- taken by females. So, when we heard about Siza Mzimela, who's not only the first female CEO, but as the first female who launched an airline, and first Female executive member of IATA's Board of governors, we had to tell her story to the world.

Circus Movements

Directors Lukas Berger,  Mário Gajo de Carvalho - 15 min. Portugal

Circus culture is a space of diversity, cooperation and integration. A magical space with real people. "Circus Movements" was shot with circus kids from Ethiopia - Liya and Beza, doing the hula hoop; Habtamnesh, doing the aerial hoop; and the Beniyam, only 5 years old, performing acrobatics. Collectively, they are great circus artists performing in the magnificent landscapes of Ethiopia.

Where She Lies

​Saturday November 21 at 6:00 PM

The Funeral Singer
Director Manjula Varghese - 9 min. USA

The story of Elana Bolds, a funeral singer based in Richmond California whose singing career spans over two decades. As Bolds reflects on her experience, she talks about how she got started as a funeral singer and how her music provides healing for families who are grieving.

50 Little Birds
Director Hannah Lindgren - 9 min. USA

Indiana folk artist Geoff Davis reflects on his childhood, career, mental health, and how he found peace through reconnecting with his life’s purpose.

Fatal Distraction

Friday November 20 at 8:00 PM

Higher Love

Saturday November 21 at 3:30 PM

1545 Peachtree St. 


Atlanta, Ga


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Don't Be Afraid if I Hug You & The Promise

Friday November 20 at 3:00 PM

Fatal Distraction
Directed by Susan Morgan Cooper
The untold story of the high-profile murder trial of Justin Ross Harris following the death of his toddler son in the hot summer of 2014.

Alice Street

Directed by Spencer I Wilkinson - 66 min. USA

Two artists form an unlikely partnership to paint their most ambitious mural to date in Oakland’s downtown, ground zero for gentrification. The mural is dedicated to the diverse cultural artists that intersect on the corner, who are threatened by displacement. As the mural paint dries, a luxury condo is planned that will obstruct the art and cultural history. The community decides to fight back.

Screening with :

Reunited States

​​​​Directed by Ben Rekhi - 75 min. USA

Over the past several years, political divisions have cut through every aspect of American society; through our communities, our workplaces, our friendships, even through our own families. There is, however, a growing movement of people who recognize this polarization as the single greatest threat to our democracy, and they’re working tirelessly to build bridges across the divide. The Reunited States is a feature documentary that profiles people who have dedicated their lives to promoting depolarization and communication across the political divide.

The Promise
Director Danel Aser - 18 min. Spain

A day with my mother.

She lost her autonomy, her lucidity, her memories, communication and the ability to love. Her will was not to live like this. Spanish politicians force her to endure an end of life without integrity or dignity. She made me promise to help her die before getting to this situation and i can not fulfill my promise.

Open Art Surgery
Director Katie Mackenzie - 10 min. United Kingdom

Open Art Surgery explores the mind, art and anatomy in a unique and inspiring way through the eyes of two individuals who met by chance. Inspired by near death experiences, Fitz and Fitzy came together not only as artists, but as surgeons to perform Open Art Surgery. They begin by drawing the anatomy layer by layer, bringing their paper “patient” to life. As we embark on this journey we will learn more about the artists behind the artwork, and the friendship that they have formed.

Reunited States

​Saturday November 21 at 8:30 PM

Where She Lies

​​Directed by Zach Marion - 99 min. USA

An assaulted teen gives birth in the deep south and receives conflicting narratives about her infant’s fate. 36 years later, her mother gives a deathbed confession that the baby never died. A documentarian helps her uncover the truth.

Director W. Feagins, Jr. - 10 min. USA

Stunt actor, Damita Jane Howard, shares the story of her journey from playing roller derby professionally to working full-time as a stunt actor in major hollywood films to realizing her childhood dream of riding horses.

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The number of tickets per screening are limited to 20 people.
Audience will be spaced out with plenty of room for social distancing. Mask required.

Sleepless Flight 

Director Jeremy Cournyea - 6 min. - USA 

Atlanta is a bustling metropolis of the south eastern US. While this surge of growth is great news for the city's residents, the illuminated skyline is posing a serious hazard for the nation's migrating bird population. As the city expands and our skyline develops, local scientists work to find the balance of safety for ourselves and our avian life.

The Ghost Behind
Director Caroline Rumley - 12 min. USA

Four Friends. Many bands. Expectations. Addiction. Loss.


Higher Love

Directed by Hasan Oswald - 80 min. USA

Daryl Gant is a Camden native, father of eight, and printing press operator. He was raised by a single mother and strives to be a better father than his own, who abandoned him at birth.

His girlfriend, Nani, is the love of his life, but struggles to cope with a crippling crack and heroin addiction, and the nefarious lifestyle to support it. More troubling is that Nani is pregnant with their new baby boy, Darnez. It becomes Daryl’s new-found purpose to forge a better future for the both of them.

Nani’s dealer, Iman, was once a drug dealing kingpin in Camden in the 1990’s. He was also a father and factory man, until he caught a dealer’s habit selling dope. He embodies the spirit of many disaffected residents of Camden, taking the the viewer on a tour of post-industrial American decay.
His own quest to sobriety will eventually force the hand of Nani to make a change, as they forge parallel paths to recovery.

Documentary Shorts

Friday November 20 at 5:30 PM

Alice Street  & Circus Movements

Saturday November 21 at 1:00 PM

Don't Be Afraid if I Hug You

Directed by Niccolò Maria Pagani - Italy - 56 min.

Franco has an autistic son, Andrea. When Andrea turned 18, father and son decided to cross the United States with a motorbike. From that adventure, the writer Fulvio Ervas wrote the book Don't be afraid if I hug you, that in 2019 became a movie directed by Academy Award Winner Gabriele Salvatores. During the production of the movie, we decided to take Franco and Andrea and put them again on a motorbike, to cross all Europe to Africa, to arrive in the desert of Sahara. Creating a new documentary about autism, about the relationship between a father and son, and dedicated to a man that decided to never give up.

screening with :

Director Samuel Mirpoorian - 11 min. USA

After carrying the burden of misfortune throughout his life, a single father seeks redemption as he raises his son.