November 19 - 21, 2015 at doogallery

Beauty's Where You Find It: Documentary Shorts 

 116 min. total running time
Screens Saturday, 11/21 at 2:30 PM

Michael S., Versammelt 
(3m, Germany) dir. by Steven Swirko

His boundless love for the cinema has motivated Michael Schneider to collect 8mm films ever since he was young... whatever the cost.


Jim Bird: Portrait of an American 
(4m, U S A) by Nik Kleverov

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Take a trip to Alabama and meet Jim Bird, a man who makes sculptures out of large hay bales.


Mystic Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe 
(3m, Switzerland) dir. by Markus Eichenberger

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Markus Eichenberger received permission to stay at the Jungfraujoch station high in the Swiss Alps, usually off limits to tourists, and recorded a time-lapse view from the top of Europe, shot over 48 hours.


Damon at 86th Street 
(8m, U S A) dir. by Emily Sheskin

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In New York City where subway and street performers are everywhere, people easily tune them out, not giving them a second look. For Damon, the son of the original female vocalist from Earth, Wind, and Fire, busking is a way of life despite being the voice of the #1 hit song 'Look Right Through' (by Storm Queen, remixed by DJ Mark 'MK' Kinchen).


(9m, U S A) dir. by Marc Menish

This is the story of a young woodcarver named Bryn, who, despite suffering from various social anxiety issues, has amassed a strong following on social media, and currently has a three month wait list for commissions.


(14m, U S A) dir. by Joe Berlinger

You may not know her name, but chances are you have seen Ubah Hassan's face in commercials for Macy's or Ralph Lauren. This short film takes you inside the life of this up-and-coming model, whose life has not always been picture perfect.


The Nike Chariot Earring 
(14m, U S A) dir. by Karen Audette

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A half-century ago a priceless treasure was stolen from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This is the remarkable story of its recovery and the woman who found it.

Live Fast, Draw Yung
(16m, U S A) dir. by Anthony Mathile, Stacey Lee

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Described by the LA Weekly as the “foremost illustrator of rap”, Yung Lenox is a hip hop portraitist specializing in marker drawings of iconic rap albums, from 2 Live Crew's Nasty As They Wanna Be, to ODB's Return to the 36 Chambers . He’s sold hundreds of prints, been commissioned for record sleeves, custom 

Calling the Cops on Jesus 
(8m, U S A) dir. by Peter Carolla
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In February of 2014 an Episcopal Church in the sleepy Southern town of Davidson, North Carolina installed a life-sized sculpture of Jesus Christ dressed as a homeless man. The sculpture brought national attention to the town and generated some controversy

Through The Fire 

(29m, U S A) dir. by Olivia Lace-Evans and Nyasha Kadandara

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For Luis DeJesus, drug rehabilitation is just the beginning. Coming from a family where abuse and neglect stretches back generations, his recovery hinges on addressing the demons of his past. 

Through the Fire explores the intricate relationship between child abuse and drug abuse. At the age of 47, Luis has been through drug rehabilitation seven times and the chance to rebuild the relationship with his family is disappearing fast. 

His two daughters have moved out of New York to start new lives away from the shadow of their father's addiction, and the abusive mother that drove him onto the streets refuses to admit any guilt. Without the closure he so desperately needs, there is no guarantee he will maintain his sobriety.