2015 Awards

Best Documentary Feature
Raising Bertie
​​​​​dir by Margaret Byrne

Best Dramatic Documentary Feature
Until 20

dir. by Geraldine Moriba, Jamila Paksima

Best Social - Issue Documentary Feature
​​​​​dir by Hilary Linder

Best Foreign Documentary Feature
The Trivialist
 dir by Ronen Becker

Best LGBT Documentary
Uncle Gloria : One Helluva Ride!

dir by Robyn Symon

Best Local Documentary Feature
Behind The Lens: A PC&E Story
dir by Nick Theriot

Audience Choice Documentary Feature
Spilled Milk
dir. by Jaqai Mickelsen

Juror’s Choice Documentary Feature
Kelly's Hollywood
dir by Brian Donovan

Best Documentary Short
Heartbreak & Beauty
dir. by Libby Banks, Nathan Basha, Robin Bryan, Genevieve Clay-Smith

Best Experimental Documentary Short
Nail House

dir. by K. S. McMullen

Best Sports Documentary Short
The Boxer
dir. by Craig Cutler​

Best Foreign Documentary Short
dir. by Matthieu Raulic

Best Dramatic Documentary Short
In This World
dir. by  Kelly Creedon

Best Social-Issue Documentary Short
Good White People
dir. by  Jarrod Welling-Cann and Erick Stoll​

Audience Choice Documentary Short
I Take Photos
dir. by Oliver David Lister

Juror’s Choice Documentary Short
The Extra Mile
dir. by Courtney Ross

Best Director
Missing Mom
dir by Robert McCallum, Jordan Morris

Best Cinematography
Children of the Arctic
dir by Nick Brandestini

Best Inspirational Documentary
Adventures of Miss Fit
dir by Gregg Simpson

September 8 - 10, 2017 at Synchronicity Theatre

Best Documentary Feature
Southern Rites 
dir. by Gillian Laub

Best Comedy Documentary Feature
Backyard Blockbusters 
dir. by John Hudgens

Best Dramatic Documentary Feature
We're Not Blood
dir. by Jeffrey Togman
Best Social - Issue Documentary Feature
120 Days 
dir. by Ted Roach

Best Art Documentary Feature
Forced Perspective 
dir. by Nick Cavalier
Best Political Documentary Feature
American Native 
dir. by Steven Oritt
Best Environmental Documentary Feature
dir. by Jon J. Whelane

Best Local Documentary Feature
Dante's Down the Hatch
dir. by Jef Bredemeier

Audience Choice Documentary Feature
Searching for Eddie Running Wolf
dir. by Thomas Hartmann

Judges Choice Documentary Feature
Right Footed 
dir. by Nick Spark

Best Documentary Featurette 
Blade #1 
dir. by Zuzka Kurtz

Best Documentary Short
dir. by Eric Latek

Best Experimental Documentary Short
Last Day of Freedom 
dir. by Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman

Best Sports Documentary Short
Born Into This 
dir. by Lea Scruggs, Sean Ryon

Best Foreign Documentary Short
Mystic Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe 
dir. by Markus Eichenberger

Best Dramatic Documentary Short
dir. by River Finlay

Best Art Documentary Short
Live Fast, Draw Yung
dir. by Anthony Mathile, Stacey Lee

Audience Choice Documentary Short
Through The Fire 
dir. by Olivia Lace-Evans and Nyasha Kadandara

Best Director 
I Think You're Totally Wrong: A Quarrell 
dir. by James Franco

2014 Awards

Best Documentary Feature

Perfect Strangers
dir. by Jan Krawitz

Best Comedy Documentary Feature

Despite the Gods
dir. by Penny Vozniak

Best Personal Documentary Feature

Art of Darkness

dir. by David Parker

Best Political Documentary Feature

Freedom From Choice
dir. by Tim Delmastro

Best Social Issue Documentary Feature

The Last One
dir. by Nadine Licostie

Audience Choice Feature

American Bear: An Adventure in the Kindness of Strangers
dir. by Sarah Sellman, Greg Grano

Best Documentary Short
I Live in Life
dir. by Lars Fuchs

Best Personal Documentary Short
Merlijn en de Rode Appel
dir. by Susan Koenen

Best Foreign Documentary Short
Godka Cirka
dir. by Àlex Lora, Antonio Tibaldi

Best Local Documentary Short
Free Art 4U
dir. by Nicole Powell

Audience Choice Short
The Pink Helmet Posse
dir. by Kristelle Laroche

Best Director 
dir. by Daniel Espeut

2016 Awards

2013 Awards

​Best Documentary Feature
Blood Brother dir. by Steve Hoover

Best Director Documentary Feature
Furever dir. by Amy Finkel

Best Social-Issue Documentary Feature
Money & Life dir. by Katie Teague

Best Drama Documentary Feature
Wampler's Ascent dir. by Elizabeth Wampler

Best Foreign Documentary Feature
Destinos Interrumpidos (Interrupted Destinies) dir.  by Danny Holguin, Juan Carlos Echeverria

Best Personal Documentary Feature
​In His Footsteps dir. by Shelley Taylor

Audience Choice Award
​The 25,000 Mile Love Story dir. by John Davies

Best Documentary Short
The Love Story of Leonard Knight dir. by Patrick Rea

Best Comedy Documentary Short
Smear Campaign: @LizzWinstead's #Tour4PPdir. by Matthew Gorman

Best Personal Documentary Short
Scattered dir. by Lindsay Lindenbaum

​Best Drama Documentary Short
Be With Me dir. by Michael Terrill

Best Foreign Documentary Short
Los Ojos de Dantedir. by Gonzalo Gurrea Ysasi

Best Director Documentary Short
​Making Waste dir. by Scott Reus, Stan Arthur
2012 Awards

Best Documentary Feature
Connected: An Autoblogography about Love, Death & Technology dir. by Tiffany Shlain

Best Director Documentary Feature
Shenandoah dir. by David Turnley

Best Comedy Documentary Feature
kART Across America dir. by Jeremy Make, Andy Raney

Best Social-Issue Documentary Feature
End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless dir. by Tim Delmastro

​Best Environmental Documentary Feature
The Clean Bin Project dir. by Grant Baldwin

Best Drama Documentary Feature
Kelly dir. by James Stenson

Best Foreign Documentary Feature
​Decadence: Decline of The Western World dir. by Pria Viswalingam

Best Local Documentary Feature
THE ACTIVISTS: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets dir. by Melody Weinstein

Audience Choice Award
FunkJazz Kafe: Diary Of A Decade (The Story Of A Movement) dir. by Jason Orr

Best Documentary Short
Carbon for Water dir. by Evan Abramson

​Best Comedy Documentary Short
Chase dir. by Malia Bruker

Best Drama Documentary Short
Come on Down and Pick Me Up dir. by Nicholas Corrao, Jonathan Bougher

​Best Foreign Documentary Short
Ending In 6 Minutes dir. by Peter Slee

​Best Director Documentary Short
​26 & Never Been Kissed dir. by Sarah Choi