Director Natasha Cohen-Carroll -  USA - 10 min. 

Meet Dalyla Baker, who reflects on her identity as a rising Philadelphia drag queen and a black trans woman. Dalyla shares an intimate view on how drag has shaped and influenced her life and her journey to find community.

Being Trans in Rural America
Director Anna Kook - USA - 10 min.

This trans-owned alpaca ranch is growing as a safe haven for queer people in a rural conservative town in Colorado.

Despite the threats they face from other conservative residents, the “tenacious unicorn farmers” are committed to building a community and living freely.

Funeral Queen
Director Marty Madden - USA - 16 min.

This documentary explores the lives, loves and extraordinary passions of Santa Fe Funeral Director/Drag Queen, Marie Antoinette Du Barry and her relationship with her Grandmother while discovering an unexpected link between drag performance and grief.

​From Darkness to Light: The Peter Krueger Clinic
Director Joe Fox - USA - 39 min. 

This documentary film tells the story of the Peter Krueger Clinic (PKC) – one of the first HIV/AIDS clinics in the United States, which was established at Beth Israel Hospital in 1989. Started during the height of the epidemic in New York City, PKC boldly stood against the stigma of the disease and served as a beacon of hope and a model of care for those New Yorkers diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. This powerful film traces the clinic’s origins and its impact over the last 3 decades, as told by the patients and staff that have called it home.

Screens Friday, May 27, 2022 at 4:00 PM

at RoleCall Theater

116 min.

Three Letters
Director Ian Smith  - United Kingdom - 7 min. 

Following the death of his beloved step mother and grandmother, disability and LGBT campaigner Paul Davies attempts to write to the father he feels rejected by to find resolution and peace.

Conflicted by his feelings of rejection and family duty, Paul wants to put things right with his father. It’s difficult. Years of unspoken fears and rejection have haunted him. Can a letter outlining his emotions, feelings and hopes be what is needed to make the difference? Will this father’s day be the start of a new beginning in his relationships with dad?

May 27 - 29, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

​Seguimos Aquí (We're Still Here):

Pride, Pandemic, and Perseverance
Directors Emmanuel Garcia, David A Moran - USA - 34 min. 

Four LGBTQ+ identifying Latinx Chicagoans navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, interpersonal struggles, and community triumphs throughout a turbulent yet powerful 2020.

shorts #4 :

The Power of Pride