The Party Midget
Director Maria Sölving - Sweden - 8 min.

Leo is a 27-year-old guy working as an entertainer, but he’s not your average entertainer. Leo is shortly grown, or as he calls himself, a midget. A party-midget. Leo makes a living working as a party midget on different events, nightclubs and private parties. Leo loves putting a smile on peoples faces, and the crowd seems to love him. But not everyone is convinced his way of life is morally right.

The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira
Director Aaron Lemle - USA - 10 min. 

Jeremy Sicile-Kira uses painting to transcend his disability and communicate his dreams to others.

​Steampunk Judy
Director Saurav Roy Chowdhury - New Zealand - 19 min. 

This film explores Steampunk culture while featuring steampunk artist Judy Rogers, who through her art, hopes to inspire social and cultural change towards environment-conscious practices. Along with this unique art form, the film takes you through the journey of the artist which itself is highly interesting and inspiring.

​The Bleeding Edge
Director Santiago Carrión-Arcos - Germany - 13 min. 

On the outskirts of Los Angeles an ambitious rebel group of cyborgs and biohackers, joined by the legendary Lepht Anonym, aim to change the course of human evolution by implanting a radical new device in its body.

​Smile Little Ladybug
Director Laura Asherman - 17 min. - USA

This short documentary centers a Holocaust survivor who unintentionally inspires his daughter and granddaughter to become clowns. The film follows three generations of this wacky and inspiring family from Nazi Germany, to Jim Crow Alabama, to modern-day Atlanta.

Emily's Do
Director Gary Beeber - USA - 14 min. 

Emily is an artist whose art-form is her hair, makeup and clothing.

She says: "Self expression is my motivation, I like for people to see what's on the inside, on the outside."

shorts #2 :

A Different Kind of Human

May 27 - 29, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

Screens Friday, May 27, 2022 at 12:40 PM

at RoleCall Theater

81 min.