Being Harley
Director Amahlia Day - Australia - 6 min. 

Witness the sudden rise to fame of Professional Harley Quinn Cosplayer, Laura Gilbert, and the personal and professional struggles that can come with fame and cosplay.

Screens Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 4:45 PM

at RoleCall Theater

88 min.

​Dear Ani
Director Micah B Levin - USA - 39 min.

In 1995, an aspiring artist and college sophomore, took a semester off to live in a cabin in Northern Maine. He sat by the edge of a lake and asked the universe to send him a “story worth telling”. Two month later, he was admitted to Bellevue Hospital, while searching for Ani DiFranco. Was this a vision quest? A mental health issue? Was this all an elaborate art project?

For twenty years Keith Wasserman has made and delivered elaborate art mail packages - all in the hopes of befriending his muse. Dear Ani explores what can happen when you present your truest self, and risk total failure. It is an intimate account of psychotic mania, personal mastery, and creative triumph.

shorts #12 :

I’m Your Number One Fan

Mom's Love
Director Rachel Kwaw - USA - 26 min. 

This film captures the journey of five women who have either struggled with conception and/or have suffered from miscarriages. As they speak about their childhood and motherhood aspirations, they begin to share the stories of their miscarriage, healing, partners/family who helped them through it and the grace they've given their body.

Gangnam Beauty
Director Yan Tomaszewski - France - 23 min. 

English-born influencer Oli London is fascinated by South Korea and especially by Jimin, a member of worldwide famous K-pop band BTS. For years, they have spent a fortune on plastic surgery to look like him and become a K-pop star themself. Their personal journey is staged via a Korean tale about masks, taboo, and shamanism.

May 27 - 29, 2022 at RoleCall Theater