ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught)
Director Brit Hensel - USA - 9 min. 

Filmed on the Qualla Boundary and Cherokee Nation, ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught) explores expressions of reciprocity in the Cherokee world, brought to life through a story told by an elder and first language speaker. ᎤᏕᏲᏅ circles the intersection of tradition, language, land, and a commitment to maintaining balance. This film was created in collaboration with independent artists from both Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

May 27 - 29, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

shorts #10 :

A Sense of Community

Welcome To Waterloo Records
Director Michael Anthony Gibson - USA - 13 min. 

Austin’s famed Waterloo Records has seen its fair share of challenges from Napster to Spotify to the changing landscape of the city. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to the store and the staff must figure out how to navigate these precarious times. WELCOME TO WATERLOO RECORDS explores the personal and professional transitions of the Waterloo Records family who see working at a record store as more than a job, it is a community.

An Arcade Odyssey
Director Nicole Batista - USA - 3 min. 

This documentary explores the origin story of Arcade Odyssey. Rick Medina, the founder and owner, recounts his experience of building his personal collection and creating the only retro arcade in Miami-Dade county, sharing his treasured collection with the community.

Screens Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 1:15 PM

at RoleCall Theater

62 min.

Diiyeghan naii Taii Tr’eedaa (We Will Walk the Trail of our Ancestors)
Director Princess Daazhraii Johnson - USA - 6 min. 

A grandfather teaches his granddaughter, a young Gwich'in mother named Alisha, how reciprocity is embedded in all aspects of life. The northern lights warm the caribou; the caribou helps feed and sustain the community; the community honors the connections. Each element in nature is purposeful and related. In turn, these connections bring new meaning to Alisha and her wishes for her children and for all living beings.

Sibs Film
Director Derek Johnson - USA - 15 min. 

Yulia and her Brother Andrey opened Sibs, a coffee roasting business in Ukraine. Shortly after establishing the company, they grew their business, opening two coffee shops and empathically touching their community. Now that war has found their country; Sibs takes on a different purpose.

The Forbidden Call
Director AnaMichele Morejon - USA - 8 min. 

Diane Whalen has been a spiritual leader in the Roman Catholic Church her whole life. By the time she was in her twenties, she was clear that she was called to be a priest, but only men can be ordained in the Catholic Church. In THE FORBIDDEN CALL, Diane reflects on her difficult decision to leave her lifelong faith community to become a priest in a renewed vision of the Church, one that the Pope doesn't recognize. The short documentary is a poignant reminder that change in the Catholic Church is long overdue, but Diane's ministry is one step in the right direction.

Heal.Thy Neighbor - Atlanta
Director Mark Decena - USA - 8 min.

Low-income communities, communities of color and other historically oppressed communities have been excluded from decision-making on the policies and practices that impact them.

We know that health is influenced by the community conditions where a person lives, learns, works, and plays, and by the level of engagement individuals have in their community. As a nation we won’t close inequitable gaps without grassroots organizing strategies to break down existing social and economic barriers, such as poverty, discrimination, housing crises and their consequences, including powerlessness.

The film shows how community-led strategies in Atlanta affect the place-based conditions and that the people most directly affected by systemic barriers and inequities are the best positioned to drive change in their communities. Therefore, now more than ever, building community power is critical to creating lasting change.