The Space Between Us
Director Gabriel Diamond - USA - 6 min. 

Sarah Crowell and Keith Hennessey are both dancers, teachers, and activists in the Bay Area. They have known each other for nearly 30 years. But they’ve never collaborated or connected deeply, until now.

The Space Between Us is a radical experiment in the power of bearing witness, inviting vulnerability, and sharing movement, in a time of social distancing and racial reckoning.

Screens Friday, May 27, 2022 at 11:00 AM

at RoleCall Theater

91 min.

On The Beat: Feeling Body
Director Karla Bernadette Duarte - USA - 18 min. 

On The Beat: Feeling Body is a poetic documentary short about women in search of empowerment and liberation by using their mind-body connection through the West African rhythms and Afro-Mexican practices in music and dance.

Director Cheryl Hess  - USA - 3 min. 

A salsa obsessed artist gets creative when he can longer go out dancing.

May 27 - 29, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

shorts #1 : Dance Party

Living on the Threshold
Directors Vincent Bruno, Marine Chesnais - France - 30 min. 

Marine Chesnais, choreographer and contemporary dancer, visits Reunion Island to meet humpback whales. Danced improvisations were born from these interactions in sea, which will be the fertile ground for her next creation.

By showing us the process of encountering a wild animal in its natural habitat, Living on the Threshold asks what is happening within us in this space of relationship where we cannot control anything – except our openness to what might happen – and questions our way of inhabiting Life.

Feather Dance
Director Alex Luke - Mexico - 34 min. 

The Dance of the Feather is one of the most representative dances of Oaxaca, Mexico, one of the most colorful and ancient, with pre-Hispanic origins that over the years became a way of evangelization. Today it gives identity to a people that, full of pride, continues to represent it.