Screens Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Neither Here Nor There
by Jude Kawwa - USA - 6 min.

This documentary discusses gender identity and tackles the question “how do you know if you’re a boy or a girl?” This documentary follows the main character, Harley Stine's personal journey. Harley, born in of three girls, is wanting to transition from female to male. He never associated with his gender and body, but still not ready for any physical change while identifying as a male.

Through showcasing Harley's journey to self identification and his story of struggle, loss, support and happiness, this documentary aims to close the gap in our understanding of the transgender community and advocate or tolerance and acceptance by unifying our human experiences.

Lost In Carranza
by Marin Troude - USA - 23 min.

In the night of October 12th 2015, Pablo Carranza falls back into hard drugs despite his sobriety and battle against years of addiction. Alone in his apartment, filled with regret and guilt, he decides to confess by leaving a final voice message for his first love.

Join us Saturday, January 11, 2020 at the Synchronicity Theatre for the Spotlight Film Awards, a showcase of the very best independent films of 2019.

Better Man
by Chris Stanford - USA - 14 min.

A father and son relationship is tested after a rodeo injury leaves the young cowboy in a hopeless situation.

​A Fresh Perspective
by Aaron Hosé - USA - 12 min. 

Craft beer is an annual multi-billion dollar boom for the United States economy. Yet, the overwhelming majority of this industry remains white-male-dominated, with women and minorities occupying a small fraction of its workforce and brewing culture. A FRESH PERSPECTIVE tells the story of three African-Americans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who create the nation’s first-ever black beer festival, a historic event aiming to diversify the industry while promoting a new narrative in craft beer.

Reborn Baby
by Pascal Schuh - Germany - 20 min. 

Peggy has an extraordinary hobby. She collects babies. Peggy lives in Berlin with her lifelike dolls. In each corner of her flat is another Reborn Baby with a motionless face or closed eyes. "The whole flat is filled with warmth through the babies," Peggy says. But how can puppets give her warmth?

Shorts Two : Fascinating Subjects

November 7 - 9, 2019 at Synchronicity Theatre

Spotlight Film Awards

January 11, 2020