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September 15 - 17, 2016 at the Mammal Gallery

Documentary Shorts #4
Screens 2:30 pm, Saturday, September 17 at Mammal Gallery
87 min TRT

Heartbreak & Beauty
(15m, Australia) dir. by Libby Banks, Nathan Basha, Robin Bryan, Genevieve Clay-Smith

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Heartbreak and Beauty is an experimental short film that combines music, visual metaphor, dance and original poetry to express how we are all connected through our shared human experiences of love and loss, from the perspective of twelve people with an intellectual disability.

(12m, Belgium) dir. by Matthieu Raulic

A portrait of Alphonsine and her dog, Sweetie.

In This World
(15m, USA) Dir. by  Kelly Creedon

15-year-old Courvosier “Vosiey” Cox is a triple threat: an actor, singer and comedian, destined to perform sold-out shows in LA. He is planning the talent show he is sure will launch his career in front of hordes of adoring fans.

But first he must navigate the challenging landscape of adolescence, a tumultuous time that brings a new sense of independence along with a search for self and longing for acceptance. And for Vosiey, growing up in inner-city Durham, NC, that means struggling to find his place in a complex and often contradictory world. As he treads the tenuous line between childhood and adulthood and between dreams and reality, he will undertake a relentless quest to escape into the spotlight, no matter what.

You'll Be My Arms, I'll Be Your Eyes
(11m, U S A) dir. by Danny Wang, Matt Ma

​Their story is one of incredible spirit. Jia Wenqi lost both arms when he was only three years old, and Jia Haixia was born blind in one eye. Haixia’s world was turned upside down when an industrial accident took the sight in his other eye in 2000. Haixia was 39 years old, completely blind, and was no longer able to support his wife and their 4-year-old son. That all changed when his lifelong friend Wenqi convinced him that together, they could do anything. “You’ll be my arms, and I’ll be your eyes,” Wenqi told him. 

The Legendary Jerry G
(19m, Canada) dir. by Kelly Makin

“The Legendary Jerry G” is a 18 minute docudrama about the career and life of Jerry Greben, who has worked as a Stand In for nearly 30 years.

​Good Knight (aka Batman)
(15m, Canada) dir. by Karen Hawes

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​Stephen Lawrence didn't intend on becoming Batman but destiny had other plans in store for him. Good Knight is an intimate peek behind the cape into the making of a suburban superhero.

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