Documentary Shorts #3
Screens 4:30 pm, Friday, September 16, at Mammal Gallery
90 min. TRT

Fisher of the Tarn
 (7m, France) dir. by  by Gaubert Pascal 

"Fly fishing is an art and art is difficult" Norman Maclean

The Extra Mile
(7m, USA) dir. by Courtney Ross

A day in the life of Patrick Kato, a Ugandan immigrant and dedicated caretaker at an assisted living home for adult men with mental disabilities in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.​

The Boxer 
(15m, U S A) dir. by Craig Cutler​

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The Boxer is an intimate portrait of Chordale Booker, a USA boxing elite men’s division 165-lb national champion. Chordale fought long and hard to get where he is today. As a child he sold drugs on a street corner and as a teenager he was arrested for gun possession, an offense that carried a 13-year sentence. An understanding Judge saw something in Chordale and gave him a second chance at life, which Chordale used to find the champion within himself. 

(15m, U S A) dir. by Julie Wyman​

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What if the city streets filled - just for a moment - with fat people dancing happily, energetically, all in unison.  Juicy D. Light is a fat dancer. She believes that people should live “out loud” - whatever their body size: and she is not alone. FatMob tracks her plan and her process to bring a group of colorfully dressed people to dance in the streets of San Francisco, showing us what it looks like to be fat and happy.

(18m, U S A) dir. by Maya Dangerfield​

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With the help of friends, an actor returns to New York to attend his ‘living funeral.’​

The Flying Gardeners
(9m, Italy) dir. by Matteo Grimaldi, Giacomo Boeri

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Every four months they fly around the Vertical Forest. They hang by rope from the edge of the roof and descend by jumping between balconies. 
Botanists and climbers, The Flying Gardeners only they have the consciousness of the richness of the lives that the Forest hosts in the Milan sky.

Envisional Minds 
(19m, U S A) dir. by Philip Brubaker

Three children reveal their innermost thoughts about their beloved imaginary friends.

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September 15 - 17, 2016 at the Mammal Gallery

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