Documentary Shorts #2

Screens 3:00 pm, Friday, September 16, 2016 at Mammal Gallery
83 min. TRT

The Last Cowboy
(19m, Canada) dir. by Terryll Loffler​

The Last Cowboy is a visual document captured on the paved highways through the windshield of an 18-wheeled big rig. Like a Western, landscapes and their inhabitants are metaphors for social conditions and identity. Heros are born but fade into the fog of the past, and personal reflections are laid bare in tribute. 

Welcome to The Last Bookstore
(12m, USA) dir by Chad Howitt​

Battling against the rise of eReaders, the fall of large bookstore chains, and his own personal obstacles, Josh Spencer opens “The Last Bookstore”.

Last Shoes
(2m, Australia) dir. by Yoshuya Shimasaki

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Old shoe maker who has run his shoe manufacturer for 66 years decides to close his factory and make very last shoes for himself.

The Last Projectionist
(11m, U S A) dir. by Eugene Lehnert and Christopher Pecoraro

As movie studios ceased distribution of film prints to movie theaters in favor of the more affordable 'DCP'(Digital Cinema Package), small theaters were left with a hard choice: upgraded or close. This burden left the mom and pop movie theaters financially vulnerable with no theater more vulnerable than the classic outdoor cinema, the drive-in. The Last Projectionist follows the story of a family owned drive-in in upstate New York dealing with the costly decision to either upgrade or 'go dark.'

The Last Lab
(23m, New Zealand) dir. by Frédéric Geffroy and Victor Naveira

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Fred and Victor started this documentary project as they were working on the digital post production of the trilogy of the Hobbit at Peter`s Jackson prestigious company, Park Road Post. There department happened to be right above a chemical film processing lab own bought by Peter Jackson and his wife in 1999. As they become friends with the employees of this lab, it was clear that the place was under a serious threat of closing and that this all heritage of celluloid was going to disappear.

Good White People
(16m, USA) dir. by  Jarrod Welling-Cann and Erick Stoll​

​In a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, a black family loses their home and businesses when a development company buys the building they rent.

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